Friday, August 2, 2013

LCCC at the US Open – Day 7

Time to post my “best” game from yesterday…..and my best game of the tournament!
Yeah, it’s a loss and it still is the best game I’ve played so far.
I think they are using the same brain wave interference equipment the Russians used on Fischer and Korchnoi in those matches against Spassky and Karpov on me.
Yeah that’s it. It’s all a conspiracy. It can’t be me.
I have White against Elliott Tong (1820) who was too busy chatting with his friends prior to our game for me to get his state or age (probably 16).
1. d4   d5
2. Bf4   Nf6
3. e3   e6
4. h3   Be7
5. Nf3   O-O
6. Be2   Nbd7
7. O-O   c5
8. c3   b6
9. Nbd2   Bb7
10. Ne5   Ne4
11. Bb5   Nxe5
12. de   c4?
It’s been a snoozer until this blunder by Elliot.
13. Nxe4    de
14. Bxc4   Qc7

After 14.  .....    Qc7

Elliot took a long time on this move, obviously taking stock of the position and looking for revenge. Yes, he is down a pawn but I am the equivalent of being down a bishop on the queenside! My goal is to get the d-file, free my bishop and to an endgame as soon as possible.
15. Bb3?   ……
Keeping an eye on d1 to help my rooks battle for the file while hopefully allowing my queen access to the kingside with a rook to the g-file someday. This bishop also prevents f6 or f5 by Black……but looking back, Elliot is not going to play that! It frees my imprisoned bishop. My white squared bishop belonged on e2.... I think.
15. …….Rfd8
16.  Qe2    Qc8
17.  Rfd1   Ba6
18. Rxd8+   Bxd8
19. Qd2    Bd3
20. Bc2    Qa6
21. f3    Bxc2
22. Qxc2   ef
23. gf     Be7

I took a long time on my next move. Obviously I want my rook on d1, but how to do it without giving up my extra pawn or the d-file? What do Jason, Chris, Matt or…Fritz say I should do? I say:
24.  a4!     Bc5
25.  Rd1   Qc4
26.   b3??  Qxf4
I sat there in stunned disbelief! We have all been there. But I seem to be "there" every game this tournament.
I played on for another 28 moves but to Elliot’s credit, he would not allow any endgame tricks.

They (who is "they" anyway?) say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger....and your losses make you  a better player.

Well I should be a power-lifting Grandmaster when I get home at this rate.

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  1. You have socks older than your opponent,