Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Monday 100614 Had Nine Players at LCCC

Lots of casual games, a Ladder Tournament game, some lessons and even some Bughouse chess!

If you don’t know what Bughouse Chess is, normal chess rules apply – except pieces captured on one board can be passed to your teammate on another board and vice versa. The teammate has the option to add the piece to his game. The game is usually played at a fast time control to increase the excitement. Try it at LCCC!

Our league will resume on Oct. 27 – so there is open chess on Monday until then.

As promised earlier is the top game of the League play last week. Vince V vs Tim R. Enjoy.

1. d4   Nf6
2. c4    e6
3. Nc3    c5?
Igor3000 (my computer Chess Master) suggests 3….d5 or Nc6 to keep White’s edge to a minimum.

4. d5    exd5
5. Nxd5!?    ……
Better is 5. cxd5 (+.6) with a strangle hold on the center.

5.  …..     Nxd5
6. Qxd5?   …..
The pawn capture is still the best. The text move gives Black a slight edge (-.3).

6.  ……    Be7
7. Nf3   Nc6
8. Ne5?    …..
White keeps trading his developed pieces, while giving Black tempos (moves/time) to develop his. The solid next text move by Black gives him a solid lead (-.7).

8.  …..     O-O!
9. Bf4?    Nb4
10. Qd1   d6
11. Nd3   Be6
12. Nxb4   cxb4
13. e4    Qc7?

Diagram after Black's move 13. .....Qc7
Wasting a move, giving White recovery time. Correct for Black was the eventual Qa5. Correct for White now is 14. Bd3 and the game is virtually even. Instead, Black’s advantage stays at (-.7).

14. Rc1?   Qa5
15. Qd2   Qxa2
16. Qxb4    Bf6
17. Bxd6?   ……
This looks right, but 17. Qa3, Qxb2  18. Qxb2, Bxb2  19. Rb1, Bc3+  20. Ke2, b6  21. Bxd6 and Black’s advantage stays the same. Now it balloons to (-1.3).

17.  …..      Bxb2
18. Qd2    Rad8
19. e5      f6?
Giving away the newly added advantage (-.8). Better was 19. ….b5  20. Be2, bxc4  21. O-O, c3  22. Qe3, Bxc1  23. Rxc1, Rc8  24. Bxf8, Kxf8  25. Bd1, c2  26. Bf3, Qb2 (-1.8).

20. Bd3    Rfe8
21. O-O    fxe5
22. Bxe5   Rxd3
23. Qxd3?   ……
Time pressure is starting to affect both players (-2.3). Better was 23. Qxb2, Qxb2  24. Bxb2 (-1.1).

23.  …….    Bxc1??
This normal looking move brings the game to basically even (.2). To advance the advantage to (-2.3) there is 23…..Bxe5  24. Qe4, Qb2  25. Rb1, Qd4  26. Qxd4, Bxd4  27. Rfd1, Bd6  28. c5, Bxc5  29. Rxb7, a5   30. Rb5, Bb4. Instead, with the text move Black’s weakness on the dark squares and in the center of the board are now exposed.
24. Rxc1    Bf7
25. Qg3     Bg6
26. h4     Qe2
27. f4      Draw agreed (.00)

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