Tuesday, October 28, 2014

League Night 102714 – and Teekos Thursdays Start Again!

Studying is not only good for you......it's fun!
It was another great night of League play.
The Tigers defeated the 49’ers 3 – 1 and the Thunder ‘slipped’ by the Oilers 2.5 – 1.5.

Get that? Slipped? By the Oilers? .......I kill me!

The winners for the Tigers were Vince V, Paul M and Luigi M. For the 49’ers it was Marcello M winning

The winners for the Thunder were Luke S and Zack R. Ted G won for the Oilers. Tim R and Gene M drew their match.
The standings are:

Thunder - 2 team points – 5.5 match points
Tigers – 1 point – 4.5 points
Oilers – 1 point – 4 points
49’ers – 0 points – 2 points

Next week is still a league night! Don’t forget.

The schedule for November 3 and line up is:

49’ers vs Oilers
W) Mike N 0 vs Tim R 1 (already played)
B) Dave S vs Sam T
W) Americo M 1 vs Tom H 0 (forfeit)
B) Marcello vs Ted G
Tigers vs Thunder
W) Vince V vs Gene M
B) Paul M vs Luke S
W) Luigi M vs Zach R
B) Luca M vs Zach K
It will be another fun night of chess action. As you can see, there will be a few players with no opponents and besides, there are usually a few players there for casual chess. Stop on by to watch the action or play yourself. We open at 6pm and the league starts at 7pm.

And it looks like there is interest in starting our Thursday night chess at Teekos Tea and Coffee House at the northeast corner of Latson Rd and Grand River in Howell. We will see if our private room is still available. If not or if not the first week, there is still plenty of space in the main coffee shop. Stop on by.

White to move
Here is a tactical shot from the 103rd US Open. Paul Shannon vs Alex Lewis – White to play and win material …or more. Find the best move or moves.

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