Tuesday, September 30, 2014

LCCC League for 2014-2015 Begins

Half the fun and most of the learning is in reviewing the game with others.
We have four teams that will battle this year. Or do we? The schedule may be adjusting, but let’s recap the Monday Night action shall we?

First – the teams (team names may change if requested by the Team):

Team 1 – Oilers
Tim R
Sam T
Tom H
Ted G

Team 2 – Tigers
Vince V
Paul M
Luigi M
Luca M

Team 3 – Thunder
Gene M
Luke S
Zach R
Player TBD

Team 4 – 49’ers
Ken L
Dave S
Americo M
Marcello M
The Tigers faced the Oilers in this first round and the Oilers won the match 2.5 – 1.5 as a top board draw that ran late locked it up. That game will be featured here soon.

That leaves the Thunder against the 49’ers and right now the Thunder have a 2 – 0 lead. But, the Thunder was missing their last two boards as Zach R was out sick and ….well, we have not determined the last member of the team. That will be a tournament committee decision to be made later.

We actually have 3 players who may want to take that last spot. Plus, we have two players sitting out. That’s five players looking for a spot. Maybe we will add one player to the Thunder, then add a team, and add bye weeks to the schedule.

In other words, it is not too late to join the league! Team 5 can be formed easily and a Team 6 would even make scheduling easier.

So a second chance to join a fun league is still possible. Email the club or visit the club early next Monday and ask to sign up. Remember, it's all about chess!

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