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Monday 102014 Had Games and Lessons - And a Game to Review!

We help you get better ......at LCCC!
Another fun night at LCCC. Some chess lessons were given and alot of friendly games played. We had nine in attendance on this rainy Monday night.

A reminder, our league night returns next week starting at 7pm. But we will be there at 6pm to welcome new players and play some warm up games!

Even if you are not in the league, stop on by to play the players not in the league (we have some) or watch the action and get a game after the league is over. Someone will be glad to play! We are a friendly group.

Here is game from our league's top boards. A very interesting back and forth battle. Proof that we are all just a friendly club, this League Game was played early - on an off night - just so one of the players would not forfiet because of work travel.

Not only that - both players were willing to re-hash the game and share their good move AND blunders - in order to help teach other players in the club. Thank you both Tim and Gene for your effort and sportsmanship. On to the action!

Gene M vs Tim R
{   } = Editor notes
1.d4 Nf6 2.Nc3 d5
last book move


Gene - Tim informed me after the game this is the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit.

…dxe4 4.f3 exf3 5.Nxf3 e6

Gene - "Modern Chess Openings"  gives 5…Bg4 6.h3 Bxf3 7.Qxf3 c6 8.Be3 e6 9.Bd3 Nbd7=/+

6.Bd3 Bb4?!

Gene - This bishop would’ve helped defend my castled King.  Rybka gives Nc6 or Be7.

Tim – Yes, this move typically is a waste of tempo, since most of the time it is retreated to support  Bf6.

7.0-0 Bxc3?! 8.bxc3 0-0 9.Qe1Nbd7 [Igor3000 says White has the lead (1.3)

Gene - I saw only g3 as the next square for White’s Queen, with the threat of Bh6, and I’d answer Qg3 with Kh8.  I played Nbd7 to support my f6 Knight.

Tim – Bxc3 allows my attack to prosper, really not a good move for black.

10.Qh4! b6?!

Gene - Rybka gives c5 or h5.

11.Bg5 Qe8 12.Ne5 {?!}

Gene - White is much better +-4.1. I’d underestimated the added pressure his Rook on the f file exerted on my f6 Knight.
{Igor3000 says White is up (8.3) with 12. Bxf6, h6 13. Bxg7, Kxg7 14. Qg4+, Kh8 15. Qe4, f5 16. Qxa8}

…h6 13.Nxd7?

[13.Bxf6 ends the debate Nxf6 14.Rxf6+- ]

Tim – There is a consistent theme in the match to recognize critical positions, and in this one I played hastily, afterwards realizing that N can recapture, I immediately recognize the mistake.  Rook or bishop capture is significant and most likely fatal.  The lesson for young players is to forget about the past position and play the one you have!

13...Nxd7 14.Bxh6! Mate threat

…gxh6?? the pressure is too much, Black crumbles

[ 14...gxh6 15.Rf3 Combination ]

[ 14...-- 15.Bh7+ Mate threat ]

Gene - Rybka gives 14…f5, still losing for Black.

15.Rf3 f5 16.Qxh6 Kf7

Gene - The end might be near.  White is way up +-10.2.

17.Bxf5! {?}
{Igor3000 says "way better was 17. Qh7+!!, Kf6  18. Rg3, Rg8  19. Rxg8, Qxg8  20. Qxg8  (+16.0)}

Mate threat …Ke7

[ 17...exf5 18.Rxf5+ Nf6 ( 18...Ke7

19.Re1+ Decoy ; 18...Kg8 19.Rg5+

Mate attack ) 19.Qxf6+ Mate attack ]

[ 17...-- 18.Qh7+ Mate threat ]


[ 18.Bg6 secures victory …Rxf3 19.Bxe8+- ]

Gene - Tim thought for 20 minutes before playing 18.Re3.  He said after the game he was trying to keep my King from escaping.

Tim – All the natural moves were bad.  Qxp has no good follow, and I thought a long time, trying to find a solution to either position.  My first instinct was Bg6 but I thought I couldn’t calculate the queen move or R pin (and eventual bishop escape) and it just looked like chaos and I’m a piece for 2 pawns down.  As I said before I was irritated that I overlooked the win, and failed to come up with a sufficient “next” plan.
{Igor says "We computers have no such handicap."}

18...Nf6 19.Qh4? White is ruining his position

Tim – no good ideas.  I have 4 minutes now.  Some bad hasty moves to follow!
19.Bxe6 a pity that White didn't try this …Bxe6 20.d5+

19...Qh5! 20.Qxh5 Nxh5

Gene - Tables have turned – Rybka has Black is up -+1.2.


[ 21.Be4 Rb8 22.c4 ]


[ 21...Nf6!? 22.Rae1 Kd6-+ ]

22.Be4 Rb8 23.Rae1 Bb7

[ 23...Rf4 24.h3 ]

24.Bxb7 Rxb7 25.d5

[ 25.Kg2 c5 26.h4 Rc7 ]


[ 25...Rf4 26.Re4 Rxe4 27.Rxe4 ]

26.Kg2 Kd6 27.c4

[ 27.dxe6!? Nxe6 28.h4 ]

27...exd5 28.Rd1 c6 29.cxd5 cxd5 30.c4 Rbf7?!

{Igor has Black with a slight lead (-.9)}
[ 30...Re6!? 31.Rxd5+ Ke7-+ ]

31.Rxd5+ Here comes the goal-getter

…Kc7 32.Kg3 Rg6 33.Ra3?

Tim – Ra3 was ONLY to create complications

[ 33.Rf3 Rxf3+ 34.Kxf3 Rf6+ 35.Kg3 Rf1 ]


[ 33...Nf5+! 34.Kf3 Nd4+ 35.Kg3 Ne2+ 36.Kh4-+ ]


[ 34.Rf3!? should not be overlooked Rxf3+ 35.Kxf3 ]

34...Kc6 35.Re5? solves nothing

[ 35.Rd6+ Rxd6 36.cxd6 Kxd6 37.h4 ]


[35...Nf5+! and Black has prevailed
{Igor says "Yep"}

36.Rxf5 Rxf5 37.cxb6 Rf1-+ ]

Gene - I considered Nf5+ but only looked at the follow up Rook checks to see if I could maneuver his King into a Knight fork with his Rook.  I didn’t consider that I’d win a pawn, or that trading Rooks would lead to an unfavorable end game.  This is an example of the adage “Take what the position gives you”.  Rybka also gives 35…Nf5+, 36.Kf2 Nh6+, 37.Ke1 Nxg4, 38.Re2 Kxc5 -+3.6, or 36.Kh3 Rh737.Kg2 Rxg4+ -+5.9.

Tim – After the game, I mentioned that Nf5 was a forced win since it either leaves me with 4 disconnected pawns or an exchange, neither leaves me with anything.  This was BLACK’s winning position that he missed.


[ 36.Rxe6+!? Nxe6 37.cxb6 Kxb6 38.h4 ]


[ 36...b5!? looks like a viable alternative 37.Rxa5 b4 ]

37.cxb6= Rfe7

[ 37...a4!?= and Black has air to breathe]

38.Rgxa5± Re3+

[ 38...Nf6!?± ]

39.Rxe3+- Rxe3+ 40.Kf4 Kxb6?

simply worsens the situation.

Tim – Was happy you went down this path.

[40...Re1 41.Re5 Rf1+ 42.Kg5 Nd6± ]


[ 41.Kxe3 and White has reached his goal Kxa5 42.h4+- ]


[ 41...Rh3 is still a small chance

42.Rxe8 Rxh2+- ]

42.Kxe5     Draw agreed

Gene - Tim had a winning position (+-6.8 here) but under a minute on his clock.  The game ended after about 55 moves with his Queen and King pushing my lone King into a corner before his time expired.

Tim – The last 20 moves were in severe time pressure, I was trying to create complications till he mistook the b pawn push and allowed the Rook exchange, then I knew I was winning, however, had no time to convert.  Fun Game.  ½-½

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