Monday, February 24, 2014

Thursday 2-20 and Monday 2-24 – Fun Open Chess!

Thursday chess action at Teekos
Thursday at Teekos Coffee we had seven players. Lots of skittles and speed chess was played, in addition to analyzing some games. As always LCCC is open to the public, so stop on by.

Tonight at the Hartland Senior Center, seventeen people braved the return of cold temperatures outside for the hot chess action inside.

Vince brought some donuts – probably stolen from the state trooper or Hartland Police post. Thanks Vince!

Monday chess action
In Ladder Tournament action, Mike N staved off a challenge from Sam T. Sam had the advantage early but let it slip away.

Not to be deterred in the least, Sam challenged three others above him – looking to move up the Ladder. That is how you do it! Get challenging people every week and make them earn their spot above you. Way to go Sam!

Let me add this lesson for you beginners out there. This is an actual game played and is used for teaching.
1.   e4      c5
2.   Bc4   Nf6
3.   e5     d5
4.   Bd5+   Bd7
5.   exf6     Bxb5
6.   fxg7     Bxg7
7.   c3         …….

Let’s stop here and decide who has the better game. Which player would you like to be if you were to take over playing right now?
The answer is easily Black! Why? Well Black has control of many more squares on the board than White does and he has two pieces developed to White’s NONE! Both of Black’s bishops sit on powerful diagonals. In addition, White’s King is trapped in the center of the board and that is never a good thing.
Sure, Black has some pawn structure damage, but with control of so many squares, it will take White a very long time to be able to do anything about it.
All Black has to do is develop his pieces, playing to keep the White king trapped in the center. Computer analysis has Black up the equivalent of 2 PAWNS in the opening.

8.   …..     c4?
Can you see why this is an error by Black?

9.    Na3     Bc6
Black loses his white square domination by blocking off his bishop. Even with White’s move attacking the bishop, Black could have played Ba6 to stay on that strong diagonal. Chess is a simple game. It is all about controlling more squares than your opponent.

10.   Qg4!   ……
White develops and attacks at the same time. Black is only up 1 pawn now positionally and must play carefully to hold the advantage.

10.   …..     O-O ?
Castling is usually a good thing, but not here! Never put your King in an XRAY attack if you can avoid it. Notice now that Black’s dark squared bishop is PINNED to the King. It cannot move or else the King will be in check!
Remember what Black’s advantage was? He had two powerful bishops with free spaces to control. That was just 3 moves ago! Now one is boxed in and the other is pinned. White now has the momentum and more squares controlled. Black is now losing and should be down a pawn when the smoke clears.

11.   d3     cxd3 ??
The losing move. Black had to let the pawn go to save his King. Bd7 attacking the White Queen or e6 to allow the Black Queen to rush to the defense at f6 was needed.
Any time your opponent’s Queen is near your King, alarms need to go off in your head.

12.      Bh6!!  
And Black cannot stop the checkmate.

12.   .......    d2+
13.   Kd1    Black any move!
14.   Qxg7 ++
When you have the advantage, continue to play like you are even or maybe slightly losing. Never lose your concentration and think your game will win itself. They never do.

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