Tuesday, February 18, 2014

LCCC Blitz Tourney – Feb 17, 2014 Results

Final round action: clockwise: Ken T(lf), AaronJ, Scott M and Tim R(rf). 
On a cold and snowy Monday evening, 16 players braved the elements and the scary driving to make it to the Chess Club for our first 2014 Blitz tournament. Twelve actually entered the tournament and the others played some casual games.

“Blitz” chess is the official name of 5-minute chess. Each player gets only 5 minutes on their clock. You have to checkmate your opponent before your time runs out – or you lose! Your opponent is of course in the same predicament.
It makes for some very fast paced action with lots of noise with the clicking of the clocks, the slamming of the chess pieces and the nervous chatter by players as they attempt to release tension.

Paul M (l) and Don J's (r) match had a spectator.
Everyone had a fun time with it and there were plenty of laughs during post – match discussions as we waited for our Tournament Director to come out with the next set of pairings. A special thanks to Ken Tack for doing a great job!
The plan was 6 rounds with a different opponent each round. But when attendance was cut short by the weather, the format was changed to a four round, 2 – game match against your paired partner – one with each color (one with the white pieces and one with the black). This set up a lot more “draws” as a result as player often finished 1-1. So everyone got to play eight games!

Here are the final standings in actual “tie-break” finish results.  
Tim Ritter                     4.0   (perfect score)
Aaron Jagt                    2.5
Scott Marvell                2.5
Ken Tack                     2.5
Mike Nikitin                 2.5
Luke Sergott                2.5
Don Jones                    2.0
Sam Thompson            2.0
Zach Romeos               2.0
Paul Mills                     1.0
Layla Wilhelmi  0.5
Paul Johnson                0.0

Thanks to all that participated and braved the weather. I’m sure we will have a summer chapter of this type of tournament.

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