Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Record for Attendance at LCCC on League Night!

VP of the MCA Jeff Aldrich (L) warms up John Rykamp before league play.
Thirty chess players and a few other family members stopped by LCCC last night for league action! It was great to have so many people at LCCC.

One of the visitors was the Vice President of the Michigan Chess Association – Jeff Aldrich.
Jeff played some chess with members before, during and after the league action. Thanks Jeff.

Mr. Aldrich also dropped off flyers for a chess tournament this weekend! The 2014 Genesee County Open. It will be held at the Eastside Senior Center, 3065 N. Genesee Road, Flint, MI. Go in the south entrance off Genesee Rd, just south of the Richfield Road Community Center.
It will be a 4 round tournament with two sections: Open and Under 1200.

League Action in progress
Michigan Chess Association and US Chess Federation membership is required.
Entry Fee is $20 for the Open and $15 for the Under 1200 if paid by 2/12/14. Add $5 after. Payable by Paypal only for early registration.

Contact Jeff at jeffchess@charter.net or 810-955-7272 for Paypal invoice.

On site registration is 8:30 to 9:30 and the rounds are 10am, 1 pm, 3:30pm and 6pm.
Time limit is G/60 with 5 second delay.
Cash prizes based on number of entries to 1st, 2nd, Under 1800, 1600 and 1400.
Trophies to Under 1200 to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Under 1000, 800, 600, 400 and unrated.

Some of us from LCCC are planning on playing in this tournament. If you are interested, please make a comment on the blog or email the chess club and we will assist you with questions or registration.

While the league goes these two ladies finish a practice chess exersize.
On to the League Action:

A few “upsets” were scored. To call them upsets is a little misleading as players are assigned to “boards” that match players strengths fairly closely. But Tim P, Dave L, Tim R and Don J all beat their higher rated opponent. Good job guys.

As usual, only one match was completed as two players postponed their games. But the Sonics defeated the Thunder 3 – 1. This moves the Sonics into 3rd place for now.

The league leading Rabid Squirrels had a rough evening and trail the 49’ers 2 – 1. The Squirrels will need an upset win to draw the match.
These results of the two postponed games could tighten the race considerably.  The Tigers lead their match against the Flames 2 – 1. A win or a draw by the Tigers in the last game gives them a win, and moves them into 2nd place alone.

And a win by the Tigers closes the gap between the two teams regardless. And now the fun part!!

Peaking ahead in the schedule, the Rabid Squirrels meet the Tigers in the last regular season round! Then, there is a position night round after that! They could theoretically play in back to back weeks for the League title. Very exciting!
So if the Tigers can stay in 2nd place next week after their match with the 49’ers, we have a very exciting finish to the season brewing!

In other news; next week is our Blitz Tournament! A blitz tournament is where the games are only 10 minutes long max! Each player gets 5 minutes to play the game. Run out of time first and you lose! It’s fun and very exciting to play or watch.

It’s going to be 6 rounds of action and a lot of fun! If you have not been to the club in a while, stop by and play – it’s free. If you have never been, here is a great low pressure way to get involved. After all, its just speed chess!
See you Thursday at Teekos or next Monday on the 17th for the Blitz Tournament at the Hartland Senior Center.

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  1. Congrats on the EXCELLENT attendance at LCCC! It shows that our good reputation is spreading. Keep doing things right, and the right things will happen! Cheers, Jason