Sunday, February 9, 2014

Thursday 020614 Had Twelve Players and Exciting Chess

That is a new record for LCCC at Teekos with twelve players!
There were plenty of friendly games - of both ladder tournament and non-ladder action.

Some of the players were practicing up for the LCCC League matches that are this Monday. Come on by the Hartland Senior Center to watch the action....and / or play some chess yourself!

Luke S is one of the improving members of LCCC.

In this game, he plays the London System as White against the man who taught it to him and plays it himself - your humble scribe - Mike N.
The impressive style of Luke S is that once he gets an attack rolling, he never lets off the gas. It's the mark of a good chess player.
A fine effort here by Luke S.

1.  d4    d5
2. Bf4   Nf6
3. e3    g6
4. Bd3    Bg7
5. Nf3    O-O
6. Nbd2    b6
7. c3     Bb7
8. h4     Nbd7
9. Ng5    Re8?!

According to Fritz, White is now winning by a half pawn. Better was 9. ….h6 challenging the knight.

10.  h5    e5!
11. hg    fg

Exchanging 11. dxe5 was better for White here. The game is now even.

12. de    Nxe5
13. Ndf3   Nh5?

After 13.  ....  Nh5?
Not the correct plan. 13. …..Nxd3 is needed to take some of the pressure off the white squares in Black King’s home as his white squared Bishop is way over on the queen-side.

14. Nxe5?   ……

In a complex position, both players begin to make errors. Correct is 14. Bxe5  Bxe5, 15. Qc2  Qd6, 16. Nxh7  Kg7, 17. O-O-O  Rh8, 18. Nxe5  Qxe5, 19. Bxg6  Nf6 and White is up two pawns.

14.  ……   Bxe5??

This is the losing move. 14. …..   Nxf4, 15. exf4   Rxe5, 16. fxe5  Qxg5, 17. Qf3  Bxe5 and Black is still in the game.

15. Rxh5!  

If. 15. ….gxh5, then 16. Qxh5 and the defense around the Black King has evaporated.

15. …..    Bxf4
16.  Qg4    Bxg5

Black is down almost three pawns positionally according to Fritz and suggests 16. ….Bxe3, 17. fxe3  Qe7, 18. O-O-O   Bc8, 19. Qd4  Qxe3, 20. Qxe3  Rxe3.

17.  Rxg5   Bc8
18. Qh4   Qd6?
Now the h-pawn for Black will get no defensive help. 18. ..... Kg7 was needed so the rook can get to h8.
19. O-O-O    Re7
20.  Rxd5!  

A nice tactical shot!

20.  ……   Qxd5
21.  Bc4    Qxc4
22. Qxc4    Be6
23. Qh4    Rae8
24. Rd8   

The tactics just keep coming.

24.  ……    Kg7
25. Rxe8    Rxe8
26.  Qd4+   Kf7
27.  Qf4+    Kg8
28.  Qxc7     Bxa2
29.  Qxa7    Bd4
30.  Qd7    Bf7
31.   Qd6    Resigns

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