Sunday, November 4, 2012

LCCC Still a Force on Day 2 of the Michigan Chess Festival

Our 3-0-1 record went to 3-0-2 as Ken T joined the tourney on Saturday and drew his first round game.

Round 2 did not start out so well for LCCC, as Mike N changed his opening strategy in mid opening and got himself boxed in. That turned into a loss.
Vince V made a costly blunder to lose his game.
Don J and Ken T got some revenge for LCCC with two wins.
John R lost on time.

So at the end of round 2 LCCC stood at 5-3-2.

Round 3 started late as usual for a MCA tourney, but Vince V and John R both got quick wins!
Don J lost for the first time and Mike N. settled for a draw in a very tough looking endgame.

At this writing, Ken T game result was no known, but it looked promising.

LCCC stands at 7-4-3 and the final round starts at 10am tomorrow. Come on by and root your club members on!

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  1. Thank you for the news update through your post for this chess festival. I am a chess lover too and I want to participate in this festival also.