Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Another Big Night at LCCC and In-house Tournament Practice Starting

Twenty-nine players – including two new ones – showed up to enjoy some league play, casual play and some chess lessons.

The two new players are Paul M and David P. Paul is also a member of the Westland Chess Club and Canton Chess Club. David is the older brother of Tim. Welcome both of you!

Some new action is planned for the next few weeks of meetings. There is some interest in getting our younger members involved in tournament chess in the state of Michigan.

Starting next week, Mike N will run some tournaments style games in order to teach our young players how to record games, use and manage the chess clock and standard chess etiquette.

Mike will send out some emails and make some phone calls to see how many players will participate. Even if they do not want to attempt tournament chess outside the club, the lessons will still be worth it.

Please leave a comment on the blog or email either club address to register your child (or register yourself) for these events at the club!

And the new Club League Standings look like this:

Team 4 – Ken T, Terry G, Marcello L – 14 points
Team 1 – Matt T, Tom H, Scott A – 12 points
Team 2 – Aaron J, Mike K, Luigi L – 12 points
Team 5 – Mike N, Trent D, Dale K – 9 points
Team 3 – Scott M, Steven H, Americo L – 5 points
Team 6 – Don J, Ken L, Elliot K – 2 points

December 10th – Team 1 vs Team 5, Team 6 vs Team 3 and Team 2 vs Team 4

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