Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Attendance Record for LCCC – 31 players!

Chess season is upon us and the place to be is the Livingston County Chess Club!

It was our league night and that certainly helped. But the draw is our perfect playing conditions, our vast array of players of all ages and skill levels and the really friendly atmosphere.

We also had Ladder Tournament play tonight. Maxim N, Dave S and Luca M win their matches. Congratulations to them.

Other action included many casual games and Jason M even went over a few tournament games and helped some of our younger players with lessons.

Just for our readers information; your humble blogger should be able to post more articles.

Jason M will provide some great lessons and review of games played. Thanks Jason!

Also, with Christmas coming, I will be doing some reviews of chess sets and products, and the places you can buy them!

Other news from the club and our websites, Mike K, our webmaster will be starting a Chess Forum on the website!

And, I will be checking into a tournament for our younger players to participate in – probably in January or February.  LCCC will of course offer practice BEFORE the tournament, on using a chess clock, writing chess moves down, and general chess tournament etiquette.

Lots of great stuff happening at LCCC. Please stop by and be a part of it!

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  1. I'd love to hear who won their league games.