Sunday, November 4, 2012

LCCC Finishes Just Out of the Prizes - But With a Plus Score at the MI Chess Festival

IM Irina Krush was there!
We started the final day with a bang, but ended it with a fizzle.

Ken T did win his game late Saturday to give LCCC an 8-4-3 record going into the final day. Everyone had a chance for prizes except for Mike N. So hopes were high at the start of the 4th round.

Don J won quickly, but Vince V lost.
Mike N had yet another draw after making time control.
Then John R and Ken T both won to really give us all a boost!

So, moving into the final round, LCCC is an impressive 11-5-4!
Don J, John R and Ken T still all have a shot at bling!
Here we go!

Mike N loses a pawn in the center but finds a bishop sac and a forced perpetual check to earn yet another draw in just 22 moves. Mike N, despite never winning a game, with his draws he will pick up rating points as everyone he played had a much higher rating than he did. Now to watch the rest do battle!

Vince V may have lost motivation since he was out of the running - and according to Vince "just didn't have it" - and lost. Well, we still have our three prize chasers out there.

Don J lost a heart breaker! Worse than he feared as Fritz showed a forced win for him three moves before he lost! Ouch. But Don had a good showing and gained valuable tourney experience.

Ken T. was under an intense king side attack and had to lose an exchange to relieve the pressure. It was not enough as he slowly got squeezed into a lost position.

John R fought to the very end, but lost an endgame to close it out.

LCCC finished 11-9-5.
Ken T     3-1-1
Don J      3-2-0
John R    3-2-0
Vince V  2-3-0
Mike N   0-1-4

A good showing and a lot of fun! We watched grandmaster games, and had some lunch and laughs with our fellow LCCC'ers.

Hopefully some more of you can join us on our next tournament excursion!


  1. Congrats all! Bring your games tomorrow. Who won the tournament??

  2. Don't know who won, but it was a GM draw in 11 moves at the top board.

    My loss was lame and my four draws were boring, but I'll bring them. Thanks Jason!