Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It Was a Fun Tournament Night at LCCC

The “Training Tournament” was a success! Thanks to everyone who participated in it.

We had 17 players in attendance, with 10 taking part in the tournament. We also had two players that took 1st and 2nd round byes, but will play in the last round next week.

The tournament games consisted of a 5 minute game, and a no time limit – but record your moves game.

Next week is the ONE HOUR EACH PLAYER game AND you record your game.
The only talking aloud will be to help your opponent write down the moves if they have trouble. You can also ask the Tournament Director Mike for assistance.

Otherwise, real tournament rules apply – no noise and no talking!

Here are the Postings for the Final Round, with the first name listed having White!
Board 1:  Luigi M (2-0)   vs   Eman P (2-0)
Board 2:  Tim P (1-1)  vs  Americo M (1-1)
Board 3:  Marcello M (1-1) vs  Levi S  (1-1 byes)
Board 4:  Andrew O (1-1)   vs   Luca M  (1-1)
Board 5:  Anton B (1-1)   vs  Garrett S  (1-1 byes)
Board 6:  Maxim N (0-2)  vs Julius B (0-2)

Parings may change due to absenteeism.

Thanks to Terry G for helping out with chess notation training – and a little game training after the tournament.

We are all looking forward to next week already!

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