Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Case of 90 Degrees – Part V

Along the brisk ride to Scotland Yard, Holmes explained the chess clue. When we arrived, we were allowed to see the Inspector.

“Ah, Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson, good timing. I was about to make an arrest of a certain well-known member of Parliament. A man who…..”

“Let’s not be hasty, Lestrade,” Holmes interjected. “Have your laboratory people determined yet the source of the poison?

“No,” Lestrade answered, examining the forensics report. “The murderer had spilled his brandy and it stained one of the ivory squares. But the liquid is non-toxic.”

“Which square?” questioned Holmes.

Lestrade reviewed the report intently and found the information. “On White’s QR1 (a1).”

“That changes everything!” exclaimed Holmes. “There is an excellent chance you are about to arrest the wrong person.”

Holmes turned to young Churchill and said, “Now, young man. Go to the Leicester Hotel and tell a guest there named Emanuel Lasker to meet us at the Liverpool Street Station. Tell him to bring his pocket chess set and to be prepared. He will know what that means.”

Soon Holmes, young Churchill, Emanuel Lasker and I were on our way to the Pepysian Library of Magdalene College and the office of Professor Algernon Roquer.

Part VI – The Final Chapter next.

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