Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Proposed LCCC Bylaws - Only a Draft!

For our member's review. Feel free to comment in with ideas. With the growth of the club and the stepping down of our fearless leader, Ken L., it's probably time to get a little more structured. Please review.

Livingston County Chess Club Bylaws

Article I (Name)

The name of the Club shall be the Livingston County Chess Club.

Article II (Purpose)

The club exists to provide regular chess playing opportunities for chess players living in and around the Livingston County, Michigan area.

Article III (Membership)

Membership is open to all interested chess players, subject to any qualifications (such as dues) required by the officers.

Article IV (Duties of Members)

All members have the duty and/or privilege:
To elect officials of the club at the annual meeting
To support and uphold the decisions of the officers
To participate in club events
To obtain and review financial reports of the club
To run for an elected office at the annual meeting
To represent, support and promote the club in a positive manner at all times

Article V (Organization)

Elected officers shall govern the club. Officers are elected by a majority vote of the membership present at the annual meeting, serving for a term of one (1) year. The annual meeting will be convened in August, no later than the 24th of August. The precise date each year will be decided by the elected officers and communicated to all registered members before the 4th of July. The elected officers of the club are listed in Article VI.

Article VI (Duties of Officers)

All officers have the duty:
To provide that the purpose of the club is fulfilled
Meet at least quarterly to conduct the business of the club
Decide, by simple majority, the governance of the club, including but not limited to: The location, date, and time of all club events, the dispersion of club funds, and any necessary disciplinary action against club members
To conduct an annual meeting where a fair election is held for the next year’s officers

The duties of the President are:
To preside over all meetings
To appoint committees and chairpersons as is necessary
To represent the club in matters of public relations and publicity
To lead in the promotion of membership in the club
To organize all events conducted by the club
To ensure all events conducted by the club are properly directed by qualified people

The duties of the Vice President are:
To perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President
To complete the term of the president should the president vacate the position for any reason
To assist the president in all his duties

The duties of the Secretary are:
To record the minutes of all meetings
To receive and answer all club correspondence
To notify all members of upcoming meetings
To maintain a roster of members

The duties of the Treasurer are:
To collect all dues and fees
To ensure all funds are disbursed as decided by the officers of the club
To provide a report of the club’s finances to any member upon request
To perform the duties of the President or Vice President in the absence of either or both.

Article VII (duties of the Volunteer positions)

The duties of the Webmaster and the Assistant Webmaster are:
To maintain and update the LCCC website in a professional and timely manner

The duties of the Blogmaster and the Assistant Blogmaster are:
To maintain and update the LCCC blog site in a professional and timely manner

Article VIII (Ratification & Amendments)

These bylaws were ratified with a two-thirds majority of the membership on [fill in date]. They may also be changed, with changes approved at the annual meeting or a special meeting by a two-thirds majority of the membership.

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  1. To Article VII - Volunteer/Appointees

    And add Ladder Tournament Director (TD) and Tournament Director (TD)and their duties