Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fifteen Players on a Hot July Monday

And the chess action was even hotter inside the air conditioned comfort of LCCC’s primo playing facility.

We tied our average number of players every week, helped by the arrival of three new members!

Welcome Anton B., Julius B., and John. It is a pleasure meeting you and it looks like our chess teacher, mentor and coach Terry, got them all started on the road to chess mastery this evening.

In other news, the LCCC Ladder Tournament continues to shake out. A few more weeks and the Ladder should have only players interested in playing in it posted. The “Ladder” started with the active members at the time of the kick-off. But as players opt out or don’t play any ladder challenges – or don’t make any – then they drop off the ladder. The ‘real’ ladder should emerge in a couple more weeks.

Not to worry however. Anybody can re-join the ladder at any time! Simply place your name at the bottom of the Ladder, challenge one of the four players above you and start your climb. It is that simple.

If you are not currently on the Ladder and want to join the friendly competition, simply sign up on the Ladder sheet posted every week.

Two ladder matches were played this night and two exciting games were the result!

Both Ken T. and Mike N. held on to their rungs in very tough victories for both of them - fighting off the challenges from below – barely! There will be plenty more Ladder excitement next week.


  1. According to Ken T, he lost his game to Ken L.?

  2. No, Ken L resigned his game to Ken T. I was there and saw the resignation myself.