Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Seventeen Players This Monday

That is TWO full players above our average attendance. Thank you all for being here.

A great turnout considering we are competing with hot weather and the even hotter Detroit Tigers! Bless you, boys AND girls! I mean the chess player - and the Tigers.

We welcomed back Jake A, Scott A and Trent D who had been away a few weeks. Scott even got his first ladder game in. Good job.

The ladder action was fast and furious. Mike N moved ahead of Ken L with a victory, only to see Ken L. move back in front of Mike N with a victory over Scott A! Then Dale K kept Mike N at bay with a come from behind victory.

Oh the ways of the Ladder are mysterious.

But this is the fun! Practicing Ladderology is a sport in itself. The Ladder is posted officially on the website and the blog as a quick reference.

Challenges can also be made during the week. Simply post your challenge in the comment section of a blog post. Trust me, the Ladder TD will see it and get it placed on the Ladder Challenge List.

Club News: Ken L has requested to step down as Club Manager. He needs a break after leading us to unprecedented growth.

Terry G. and Mike K. found our great location and we cannot thank them enough.
But Ken L. tirelessly worked the emails, the phones and the door of both Barnes and Noble (when we were there) and the Hartland Senior Center with the friendly voice, words, deeds and face needed to make a chess club work.

A post is coming soon with nominations for Club Officers already turned in. More can be added by email or by posting them on the blog. A date for elections is being decided.

Stay tuned sports (and chess) fans!

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