Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nice Turnout on Another Beautiful Summer Night

Sixteen players made it to the LCCC chess boards this night.

We welcome two new players; veterans of the Genessee County Chess Club in Flint, Harry C and Jewell M. Welcome gents! Add being LCCC’ers to your chess resume.

We also welcomed back Dave S and Tom H. Great to see you guys again.

The Ladder action continued strong. Scott M. took over the top rung! Congratulations to Scott.

Elliot K. rejected a challenge to retain the second spot.

Ken L won his ladder game, rejecting the threat to take his spot on the ladder.

Don J. moved up four rungs with a victory!

Four new players joined the ladder also! Going for new heights are Jewell M, Harry C, Dave S, and Andrew K.

That gives us a 21 – rung ladder! I think I am getting afraid of heights! If you are not yet on the ladder - get there! Simply put your name at the bottom and start climbing. Its the fun tournament that never ends!

In other news, Terry G was nominated for president and was added to the list of candidates. See an earlier posting for the nominees already named. If you have a nominee, send an email, post a comment or simply announce it to Ken L, Mike N or Vince V and they will make sure it gets noted.

Also, Terry G has offered a proposal to start a monthly league at LCCC. Possibly invite other players from other clubs to meet once a month at LCCC to play in the league. Your thoughts and comments are welcome on this. I will be posting the proposal soon. Stay tuned!

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