Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Twelve Players on Open Chess Night 033015 – Next LCCC Event Set

Chess is for everyone!
It was a nice night of open chess and some lessons given.

The exciting news was the announcement of our next event on April 13th!
Pre-register by email or stop by the club for casual chess on April 6th.  

On April 13th – with a 6pm to 6:30pm registration – it will be a One – Night tournament – all games in 15 minutes per side. 4 rounds!

This means the most any game can take is a half hour (30 minutes). This is the perfect opportunity for players of any strength to get into a chess tournament and have some fun.

This is a ONE NIGHT tournament open to all that show up and want to play. It will be a Swiss System format – which means – if you win your first round, you will play someone else who won in the first round in the next round. If you lost, you play someone else who lost.

In the later rounds, you will be playing players within the same strength category you are. So have no fear, you will have fun every step of the way; either learning by losing or something or teaching something by winning.

Rounds will be (close to this anyway):

Round 1: 6:30 pm
Round 2: 7:15 pm
Round 3: 8:00 pm
Round 4: 8:45 pm

White to move and win!
The tournament will definitely be over by 9:30. So, this is a chance to get a lot of exciting chess in one night! Get registered as soon as possible!

And now a puzzle to solve. White to play and either win or get a nice advantage. You tell me which it is!

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  1. You gave it away with the caption on the diagram that reads, 'White to move and win!' haha. Anyways...
    The quickest mate
    1 Bxg6 ... fxg6
    2 Qxf8#

    1 ... Nxg6
    2 Rxg6+ ... hxg6
    3 Rh8!! Now the mate is unstoppable and black can resign

    Black is losing in all variations and can only prolong things. Didn't calculate the longest variation, but it's probably a mate in 9 or 10 and definitely starts with the Bishop taking on g6.