Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Exciting End to the Club Championship 2015

-Corrected Post-

We have a 2-way tie at the top!
How cool is that?
Scott Marvel and Tim Ritter all finished with 3 1/2 points out of 4 to tie for 1st place.
Congratulations to both of you.
Gene McClure and Paul Mills finished 3-4 with with 3 points each.

We have many exciting events planned here at LCCC.
We still have a 960 tournament and a Speed tournament on tap.
We also are considering a Bughouse tournament!

If you like chess, no matter what your skill level, you have to be here!

Speaking of 960 chess,
960 – Casual Game    -   BNQRKRNB (arrange the pieces on the back row from left to right).

1. Nf3              g6
2. d4                d5
3. Nc3             Nf6
4. Ne5             Nd7
5. f4?               b6
White is a little too aggressive and exposes his King a little early (-.6).

6. g3                Ne4
7. Bxe4            de
8. Qe3             Nf6
9. Rd2              Nd5
10. Nxd5         Bxd5
11. b3              f6
12. Nc4           Qa6
Sorry for the unconventional diagram after 12. .....Qa6.

13. c3?             b5
(-2.1) White buries his bishop in the corner, never to leave home. A better idea was 13. Qc3, then if Bxc4, 14. Qxc4, Qxc4 15. bxc4 and more play available for White.

14. Nb2           Qxa2
15. Kf2            Qxb3
16. Nd1?         a5
(-3) It is against one of the golden rule of chess – namely that the player behind in material should not trade queens – but here White needs to do just that as the Black queen is just too well placed and powerful. 16. c4 was needed. The game is slipping away from White.

17. Rb2            Qc4
18. Kg1           b4
19. cxb4           f5
20. Rd2?          …..
(-3.6) Too much protection on the d-pawn and none for the b-pawn.

20. ……          axb4
21. Nb2?         …….
The final mistake. White had to give his bishop some work by protecting that c3 square.

21. …….         Qc3!
22.  Resigns
White is just going to be down too much material.

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