Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Chess Beginners Corner: and Nine Players Monday

We all have to start at the beginning.
We had nine players for casual chess.

Remember that next week is the four round LCCC 15 minute game tournament. 

This is a one night tournament. Come ready to play!

Registration is at 6pm and the tournament will start at 6:30pm. See you there for this fun event.

Now for a game from the Beginners Corner. This game features an opportunity for a classical bishop sacrifice. This pattern happens often and one should always be on the lookout for it – whether you are playing White or Black.

1.  e4               e6
2. Nf3              d5
3. Nc3             Bb4
4. e5                Bxc3
5. bxc3             c5
6. d4                Ne7
7. Bd3              O-O
White to move ......incorrectly.

White does not play the correct move and throws away a golden opportunity to look like a chess Grandmaster!

8. Bxh7+!! is the move! If 8. ….Kh8, 9. Ng5 guarantees Black loses a ton of material to prevent mate.

And if 8. …..Kxh7, 9. Ng5+  - all four of Black’s defenses fail. Play thru all of them.

a) 9. …..Kg8, 10. Qh5, Re8 11. Qh7+! 
Because of Black’s knight on e7, White comes in the other way rather than taking the pawn on f7. The reason becomes clear in a moment. 11. …Kf8, 12. Qh8+, Ng8 13. Nh7+   If there was no pawn on f7, Black’s king could go there and continue to defend g7. Now he is smoked out. 13. ….Ke7, 14. Bg5+, f6 15. Qxg7++.

b) 9. …Kh6, 10. Qg4! (Although 10. Nxe6+ merely wins the queen and some pawns for two minor pieces, we want it all!), Nf5 11. Qh3+, Nh4 12. Qxh4+, Kg6 13. Qh7++

c) 9. ….Kg6 10. h4! And there  is no good answer to the coming 11. h5+ forcing the Black king into a fatal discovered check.

d) 9. ….Kh8 10. Qh5+, Kg8 11. Qh7++

Now back to our regularly scheduled game:

8. Bg5?            Nbc6
9. O-O             Bd7
10. Nh4           cxd4
11. cxd4           Nxd4?

Now White has 12. Qg4

12. Bxe7          Qxe7
13. Rb1            b6?

Black had 13. ….Qxh4!

14. g4??           Qxh4

White resigns. Black didn’t miss it a second time.

White had the game handed to him on a silver platter early – IF he knew this well known pattern of the bisho sacrifice. 
Always look for it. 

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