Tuesday, November 11, 2014

League Night 3 2014 – and Twenty One Players!

Chess is the fairest game!
League nights always seem to bring out the crowds. Well you are in luck.

Next week is another league night.

Stop on by – to watch the action - or get a game or two in yourself.

We welcomed new member Roger D to LCCC. He got in a few games after watching league action for a while.
Both before and during the league action, casual games were played and lessons given. A typical night at LCCC.
Now on to the league results:
The Tigers took full advantage of the schedule as they defeated the Thunder 3.5 - .5 to tie for the league lead in Team Points– and actually take the lead due to their Match Point lead and heads up win.
In the other match, the 49’ers earned their first league points of the year with a drawn match 2 – 2 against the Oilers.
The winners of the games tonight were; Sam T, Luigi M, Americo M, Marcello M, and Luca M.
That’s right – a Milani sweep! Nice job guys.
The new league standings are posted on the right side of the blog.
Now for next week’s matches:
Oilers – Tigers
W - Tim R – B - Vince V
B - Sam T – W - Paul M
W - Tom H – B - Luigi M
B - Ted G – W - Luca M

49ers – Thunder
W - Mike N – B - Gene M
B - Dave S – W - Luke S
W - Americo M – B - Zach R
B - Marcello M – W - Zach K

Black to move and win!
Now for this week’s puzzle.
Black to move and win…….either material or ….more!
Find Black’s best move.

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