Saturday, November 15, 2014

Beginners Corner: Always Look for a Better Move

This game was played in our league recently. There are some lessons here for the beginner player.

1. d4        d5
2. Bf4      Nc6
3.Nc3     g7
Good developing moves by both players so far.

4. Nb5     e6??
Black is playing his opening rote (not considering what his opponent is doing). 4. ….e5 was needed to stop the text attack.

5. Nxc7+ Ke7
6. Nxa8   Bd7
7. Nc7     Bg7
8. Bg5+? Nf6

A worthless check by White as it allows Black to develop his piece by White’s move. The game is not over yet and White is not developing his pieces to maximize his advantage. 8. e3 opens the bishop and protects the knight.

9. Nb5     h6
10. Bh4?    g5

Needed was 10. Bxf6 to save the knight at b5. 10. …Qa5+, 11. Nc3, g5 12. Bg3, Ne4 13. Nf3, Nxc3 and White is no longer a huge favorite (+2).

11. Bg3     a6??

Correct for Black was to counter attack with the previously mentioned 11. …. Qa5+. White now has Black totally destroyed (+16) with 12. Bd6+!, Ke8 13. Nc7+ forcing the loss of Black’s queen.

12. Nc7?   ……..

Trapping the knight, but no matter. White went on to win with his advantage, but he made it much harder than it needed to be.
The lessons to learn from this game are;

1. Don’t play openings by rote.
2. When you do get an advantage, keep playing hard and don’t expect the game to win itself.
3. When you see a good move – wait and look around. You just may find a better one.

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