Tuesday, November 18, 2014

League Night 111714 Had Some Surprises

The early days of LCCC.....well, it could have been!
We had a fun night of chess with eighteen players in attendance. The surprises were in the results and the attendance. It was actually the missing attendees that were a surprise. But there were plenty of fun casual games played as well as the League Games.

The league results would be classified as “Upset Week” if there can be one in such an evenly match league. But the 3rd and 4th place teams have the lead on the 1st and 2nd place teams in their matches for this week. It will be completed next week for sure.

First off, the 49’ers have a 2.5 to .5 lead over the Thunder with one round to play. A forfeit on Board 4 by a very reliable player, and a draw on top board locked up a win for the 49’ers. But Team points are still up for grabs so we should get the Board 2 game of this match played next week.

The Oilers won their match over the Tiger 3 - 1. This win for the Oilers gives them the league lead! From 3rd to 1st place – alone - in one week! Nice job Oilers.

The winners were Tim R, Tom H, Luca M, Americo M, Paul M and Marcello M.
Mike N and Gene M drew their game.
So the only league game left from the November 3 round is:

49ers – Thunder
B – Dave S – Luke S – W

Maybe Thursday at Teekos?

White to move and win!
It may be the Monday before Thanksgiving, but there will be a feast of chess at LCCC this coming Monday! Most of the players that are in our league have played, so they will be available for casual games or lessons if you so desire. Plus we have two exciting league games to watch.

Stop on by for the action. And here is a puzzle for you. White to play and win material or more. Find the best move.

PS: Stop by Teekos Coffee and Tea in Howell this Thursday also - for LCCC action!

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