Tuesday, November 4, 2014

League Night 110314 and Casual Chess

Chess is a game that is timeless.
What a great night of chess at LCCC. Fifteen players – including a new player Swen S – were on hand. Welcome Swen.

Actually only two league games were actually played tonight. And one was played earlier. Tim R and Paul Mills were winners, while Gene M and Vince V drew their game.

So as of right now, the Oilers have a 1 – 0 lead on the 49’ers and the Tigers have a 1.5 - .5 lead. The schedule for next week is:

49’ers – Oilers
[B] - Dave S – Sam T [W]
[W] – Americo M – Tom H [B]
[B] – Marcello M – Ted G [W]

Tigers – Thunder
[W] - Luigi M – Zach R [B]
[B] - Luca M – Zach K [W]

So next week is a League Night also. But that does not mean there are not players around for some casual games and some lessons if so desired. After all, we had eleven non-league players at the club this night!
Stop on by!

White to move.
Now to tide you over until Teekos on Thursday night or next Monday night, here is another puzzle.

Answer to follow later. Again the move should win material…..or more! Good luck.

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