Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monday 091514 Open Chess Fun – And LCCC Team League Starts Sept 29!

Fifteen players showed to play and practice some chess. Some Club Ladder games were played also. Mike N withstood two challenges and Marcello M moved up 3 spots on the ladder with a win!

We had a new player join us tonight – Alex M from Taylor, MI. Welcome Alex.

Even though Alex didn’t set the record for distance traveled to make it to LCCC (a man from Colorado has that distinction), he still made a great effort to visit us. We appreciate that and hope he visits as often as possible.
Alex had a strong showing in the Michigan Open a few weeks ago, scoring 4.5 points. Great job Alex. We needed you on our team. You can join our team for the next Michigan Open.
Paul Mills in LCCC tournament action
Also discovered was that Paul Mills modestly finished 2nd in the Michigan Open Speed Championship in the Under 1200 section! He scored all his points against players all rated higher than himself-  by 100 to 700pts higher! Great job Paul and welcome to the LCCC Hall of Fame!
Now for some exciting news – The 2014 – 2015 LCCC Team League starts in TWO WEEKS! Sign up now! It is open to all – just sign up. All we ask is that if you sign up – be there on September 29 by 6:30 as we will try to start the games at 7pm sharp! The cost:  FREE!
If you don’t sign up ahead of time, but decide you still want to play – be there by 6:15 or earlier – so we can set your rating and get you in the pairings.
This is a team league – running every 2 or 3 weeks thru the winter. That way it is not a commitment every week. Well, weather permitting – which with the predictions being made – snow nights may creep into the scheduling and back us up. But let’s not concern ourselves with weather predictions. The plan is games to be scheduled every 2 or 3 weeks.
Players will be listed by rating and the teams will be drawn in the zig-zag Fantasy Draft method. Players will play on the board number with players of similar strength. Example: the #1 rated player will have the lowest rated #2 player on his team , but the #1 rated 3rd rated player and the last rated #4 player and so on. All the #1's will play each other, all the #2's, etc.
We had 24 players (6 teams of 4 players each) in the league last year and would like to expand it to 8 teams (with 4 players) this year  (32 players) – or 6 teams of 6 players each (36 players).
If our friends from Ann Arbor, Flint, Midland, Lansing, Taylor and other venues and clubs around decide to make the travel effort, we will have the start of a near old-Metro League chess league! The games may even be rated by the USCF -  if so desired.
All I can tell you is – the league was a lot of fun for players of all levels. It’s a chance to play some semi-serious chess, make new friends and enjoy a real nice facility in which to play chess. Plus there is casual chess before the round and / or analysis of your game after the round, if you desire.
Sign up today! You won’t regret it if you like chess.

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