Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2014 Michigan Open – LCCC’ers Had a Great Time!

1st Place Under 1000 section!
It was a return home of sorts for your humble scribe as I returned to the same hotel where I won my Class C State Title in the Michigan Open in …..gulp……1990.

It is still a nice venue for a chess tournament. We had to use the small meeting rooms on Saturday due to a wedding, but the Grand Room on Sunday and Monday was …..grand…..for chess.
In the Team Competition, LCCC finished 4th again, even without our “big guns” (high rated players)present this year.

Sam Thompson led the way with 5 points out of 7! He took 1st place in the Under 1000 category, and he also took 1st place in the Under 1200 Michigan Speed Chess Championship! Great job Sam!
Pat Kinnicutt and Mike Nikitin were next with 4.5 points each.

Andrew O’Doherty and Paul Johnson had 4 points each. Paul Johnson also took 1st place in the MI Open Speed Chess Championship for the Unrated Section! Great job Paul!
John Ryskamp finished with 3 points, missing the last day due to work.

Zade Koch had 2.5 points, with Tom Hosmer  and Emily Kinnicutt finishing with 2 points each.
1st Place Under 1200 Speed section!
Paul Mills also participated in the Speed Championship for LCCC.

And thanks to our Treasurer Vince Valente, who showed up to watch a few rounds, cheer us on and support us in between rounds with advice.
Thanks to everyone for representing LCCC so well at our state championships.
More pictures and some games from the tournament to be posted soon.
Also, stay tuned for the details of our 2014-2015 Team League starting soon!

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  1. Congrats to you all!.. just curious why Michigan tournaments take longer than most other States to get rated?Also who does the Michigan chess magazine?