Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Round Two of the Summer League Completed

LCCC league play has no drama or intrigue......just a lot of fun for all!
Two rounds of five in the books as they say and the Gamma Rays are tied for first with the 300 Spartans.

The Rays get the slight edge with their 6 team points to the Spartan's 5.5.

The Red Dragons are Tied with the Four Aces for 3rd with 4.5 team points nad 4 points respectively.

Its Your Move and Team 6 are tied for 5th - both with 2 team points.

Round 2 was a Fischer 960 round - which is always a fun round!

The Four Aces defeated the Red Dragons 2.5 to 1.5.
The 300 Spartans defeated Team 6 - 3 to 1
And the Gamma Rays defeated It's Your Move 3.5 to 1.

I will be highlighting more of the games from the Summer league soon.

Sorry for the delay in getting the endgame posted. It will be up soon.


  1. How do the team names match up with the original team numbers?

  2. Hi Anonymous. The Team names do not match up. We have all new teams selected. We do it by ratings to keep every team as equally matched as possible. As games are played, the ratings become more and more accurate.
    After a season of games, for the next season - we re-draw! That way team members change, opponents change - and all the club members interact.