Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Round Three of the LCCC Summer League 2014 Goes Well

Spring - Summer League action at LCCC! Get into it!
 Twenty-seven players were in attendance tonight, as we rebounded from a light showing last week. Everyone was ready to play. The results are posted on the right side of the blog.

What we do have for our readers is a tight back and forth battle to review from an earlier game from this year’s summer league. As usual, the advantages are shown - in tenths of pawn increments - as a positive number means White is winning and a negative number means Black is winning.

Scott Marvel was the winner here. Play along with these two of LCCC’s board 1 players in the Summer League:

1. b3   …….
Called the Larsen Opening, or the Queen’s Fianchetto Opening, or Owens Opening.

1. …..      d5
2. Bb7    c5
3. e3     Nf6
4. Nf3    Nc6
5. Bb5    Bg4
6. O-O    e6
7. Bxc6    bxc6
8. d3     Bd6
9. Nbd2     Qe7
10. Re1?!   ……
Challenging the bishop with the pin on the queen is a better plan for White.

10.    …..   O-O
11.    e4     e5?
Bf4 is better for Black here – pressuring both knights. (-.2 to .5)

12. h3     Bxf3
13. Qxf3    d5?!
Rfd8 or Rab8 is better for Black – developing the unused part of his army.

14. Nc4    Nd7
15.  g4?    ……..
Position after 15. g4?
Weakening the squares around the king. Bc1, Qg4, c3 – all keep the small White advantage. (EVEN)

15.  ……    Nb6
16.  Na5     Qc7
17. Bc1     Rae8
18. Bd2     Re6
19.  g5?     ……..
Qg3, Kg1, Rab1 or h4 keeps the game even. (-.4)

19. …..     Be7
20. Qg4     h6?!
21. h4    hxg5?
Qc8 by Black freezes White’s g-pawn because of the threatened Rg6 – pinning the White Queen to the King. (.4)

22.   hxg5    Rg6
23.   f4?     ……..
Kh2, then Kh3 for white allows King safety as the rooks to enter the h-file. Instead, he loses all cover.

23. ……     exf4
24.  Bxf4     Qc8?
Qd8! Triples the attack on White’s hapless g-pawn. (EVEN) Time troublewill affect the players the rest of the way.

25.  Qh5   Qe6?
Nd5! Is the right idea with …26. exd5, Qf5 27. Nxc6, Bxg5 28. Qf3, Qxf4 29. Qxf4, Bxf4+ (EVEN). Now, 26. Re2! For almost immediate h-file firepower for White and (.7). But now,

26.  Kf2??    ……
Walking into Black’s f-file rook x-ray. (-2.7)

26.  ………    f5!
27. Rh1?     fxe4
28. Qh7+     Kf7
29. dxe4?    Qxe4
30.  Kg3      Bxg5
White Resigns

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