Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Game 100713_1 Review and Analysis

Play along with two players in the Winter League. This game was a Thunder vs 49’ers match on one of the boards. Mike Gaal won it with a fine effort.

Remember, the positional score in will be given with a positive number for a White advantage and a Black advantage is shown as a negative number.

1. e4     e5
2. Bc4    g6
3.  Nf3    Bg7
4. d3    Nf6?

The Black e-pawn is now collectable. 5. Nxe5, Qe7 6. f4, O-O 7. Nc3, Nc6 8. O-O and Black gets nothing for the pawn.

5. Bg5    O-O
6. Nbd2    d6
7. h3    Nbd7
8. c3    b6
9. O-O    Bb7
10. d4 ?    …….

A little too early. 10. Re1 to secure the e-pawn. Black’s knight won’t stay pinned to the queen forever, and Black will have enough aimed at the pawn to win it or tie White in knots.

10.  …..     Qe7 ?!
11. Re1    c5?
Black is starting to lose space and therefore squares to place his soldiers. So Black is down the equivalent of a pawn. (+1). Now White correctly locks down the center and gains more space while restricting Black further.

12. d5!    Rac8
13. g4?    …….
Position after White's 13. g4?
We have seen this before – the weakening of the pawns in front of the king with no positive gain for it. (+.5)

13.  …..    h6
14. Bh4    g5
15. Bg3   Nh7?

Too passive. Black should be looking to counter White’s strong center with Rfe8-Nf8-Ng6-Nf4 or a6-b5-c4-Nc5.  These are better, more aggressive plans. White’s advantage grows again to (+1.6).
16. Kg2    Ndf6
17. Qc2?   ……
Now too passive by White. Stronger is Nf1-Ne3-Nf5. The lesson here is; look for holes in your opponent’s pawn structure and place your pieces in them. Now the edge is almost non-existent for White.  (+.2). 
The back and forth flow of a game is why we love this game of CHESS!

17. …..    Rcd8
18. b4?!    Qd7
19. bxc5   dxc5??

Allowing a passed pawn. It is usually better to re-capture with pawns toward the center. But here – it was a complete necessity. (+3.8)
20. a4    Bc1?
21. Bb5   Qe7
22. Nc4   Bd7?

Black is blundering now under time pressure. 22. ….a6 was needed.
23. Nxe5   Bxb5
24. axb5    h5??
25. Nc6   Resigns
The fork of the queen and rook end the issue.


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