Sunday, May 11, 2014

Deadly Passed Pawns - Conclusion

White to move after Black's 30. .....Nxe4
We left off at this battle royal with Black enjoying the equivalent of a minor piece and pawn lead (-3.9) due to his two pawn material lead, his more active minor piece (knight) and the semi-passed pawn on the e-file. But White doesn’t quit – and you never should either. Maybe your opponent will make some errors.

31.    Rc1  …….
Getting out of Black's intended  knight fork with 31. .....Nc3.

31. …..     b3?
Black already is not playing the best moves.
Nc3 is still required to maintain the huge advantage. The knight is untouchable there and keeps the White bishop off so many key squares. Part of Black’s advantage is that due to the current pawn structure and location of pieces, the knight is at least a point better piece than the bishop.  Restricting the movement and scope of your opponent's pieces is the same as being up actual material. Always remember that the strength of a piece is not always their “starting value – it’s usefulness is!
Black’s advantage is down to (-1.8).

32. Bd3    f5
33. f3     Nd6?
33. …..Nd2, 34. Rxc5, e4 35. fxe4, fxe4 36. Bc2, bxc2 37. Kf2, Nf3 38. Rxc2, Ne5 and the advantage for Black is -2, instead of the now (-.4). If White was not down material, he would be winning positionally. Black’s big edge is now gone.

34. Rxc5    Rc8?
34. …..  b2 makes White work for the b-pawn, then Black can make progress on the King-side. White is now winning, even being down two pawns (.3). His passed pawns are much more scary now than Black’s.

35. Rxc8   Nxc8
36. g5??    ……..
Both players are in time pressure now. Bc4 keeps the game even. Black would have to let the b-pawn go in order to get his king over to stop the White passed pawns. Black has a (-5) advantage now. It’s all down hill for White from here.

36. …..    Kf7
37.  Bc4   ….
One move too slow! That is why chess is such an amazing game.

37. …..    b2
38. d6+    Ke8
39. Ba2?  ……
Bd3 keeps an eye on the King-side enemy pawns too. Black has a (-9) lead. That is the equivalent of a Queen folks.

39. …..  Nxd6
40. Kf2   e4
41. f4?    Nc4!
42. Ke2    Na3
43. b6    Kd8
44. Kd2   b1 (Q)
45. Bxb1   Nxb1+
46. Kc2   Na3+
47. Kc3    Kc8
White resigns because he can't stop the Black pawns from reaching the end of the board and promoting.

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