Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Week 25 13 Saw Chess Action and a Club Meeting

Fourteen players made it to LCCC on a hot Monday night. The highlights were some chess instruction by Terry G and some fine casual games played. In addition, Tom H became a voting member of LCCC. Thanks Tom.
We ended the evening a little early to hold a Club Meeting. All three Board members, two other Officers, and four other members were in attendance. Here are the highlights
> To replace the Ladder Tournament, The “Challenge Chess” concept was discussed as a new club “rating” method that would play as a more serious tournament type game & facilitate club ratings for members.  All seemed to be in agreement with the concept. Action items include Mike K and Terry G will e-mail draft copies of the proposed rules to the rules committee members for review & consideration.
> Team Challenges (challenge other clubs to matches) are being considered. Matt T discussed the history of this activity from 2 years ago. Ken L will lead the action to determine other clubs that will accept team challenges and develop a list of volunteers that want to play in these games.
> LCCC holding USCF rated tournaments were also discussed. Ken T  Will continue with necessary steps to become USCF certified as a “club tournament Director”, and will also be the lead person to coordinate all the activities of the first club hosted open tournament. Matt T volunteered to assist as a consultant who has the actual experience.
> Getting some guest speakers to come to LCCC was also discussed. Mike K suggested that other club presidents might consider coming by to discuss club building strategies. Mike N will research this possibility.
> A Club bank account is needed. Treasurer Vince V will research this for availability of a free checking account, and what might be required by a bank or credit union.
> As always, gaining new members is the focus of any club that wants to survive. Mike N will lead this effort starting in a couple of weeks. Paul M came up with some great suggestions as to how to contact the schools and let them know of the benefits of LCCC. Mike N would like to hear more suggestions on how to get free advertising for LCCC.
Benefits of playing chess at LCCC:
Free lessons for most skill levels by Terry G, Jason M and Mike N primarily. But all club members have - and will - help the less experienced players gain knowledge. It's what LCCC does.
Your games can be posted on the Web Site by sending Mike K a PGN file or on the Blog if you send Mike N a copy of your game sheet.
Free Club Forum on the Web Site or free Blog Posts – open to any attending member of LCCC (
Free Member's Chess League.
Free Club Rating (via the LCCC League and hopefully Challenge Games), so an estimate of your USCF rating is possible without entering tournaments. Mike K volunteered to process the ratings and include on the web site.

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  1. A club rating is completely different from a USCF rating and it is wrong to tell people that their club rating approximates a USCF rating.

    I know many people who play in USCF tournaments and also play on, and it is common for ratings to be 400 or 500 points different from USCF ratings. With lower rated players the rating is usually much higher than the USCF rating, but with higher rated players I've seen cases where their rating was actually lower than their USCF. The only way to get a genuine USCF rating is to play in a genuine USCF tournament. There are many easy and inexpensive opportunities to play in USCF rated tournaments, so anyone interested in finding out their genuine rating can do so easily.