Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday #24 – 2013 – Thirteen Players on a Beautiful Monday Night

Another night in our back up room at the Hartland Senior Center as dance competitions took over our usual location. Well, actually the Dancers took over the Music Room for a dressing room and the musicians took our room. But the result was the same…...different room, but still very nice for chess.

One of the pleasures of the LCCC is our playing location. It is one of the finest around for a chess club. If we get re-located, we are no worse off. We are blessed.

Some of our visitors tonight were …..more or less just that…..visitors. But we are hoping they will become permanent attendees and members.

Jason M brought his son Mack for the first time.

Tom, who has stopped by a few times to take in the action, hung around even longer this time. Maybe next week he will sit down for a game. We sure hope so.

And Luke H brought his friend Matt who is considering taking up the game. Well Matt, you sure came to the right place! Like taking lessons from a golf pro before taking up golf, coming to LCCC to learn to play chess is a jump start! Hope to see you here again soon.

Next week we hope to have a Club Meeting for all those interested. I will post the agenda. I don’t expect the meeting to take very long and I want to start it about 8:30pm – not at 6pm. That way some chess can be played and some lessons taught.

Not to mention that tired, hungry and thirsty meeting members tend to keep the meeting moving toward a quick ending. I will be all three of those by 8:30.


  1. Not "Matt".... "Mack[enzie]" :-)

  2. Corrected. I just had Matt on the brain since that is my son's name.