Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Twelve Players at LCCC on a Rainy Monday Night

Some chess was played, some instruction given by Terry G and game reviews of Jason M’s games from decades ago – analyzed by Jason himself. It was quite educational and as usual – entertaining also! Thanks Jason.
Our room at the Hartland Senior Center was changed temporarily due to a dance competition going on. We will be in that same “different room” again next week. Don’t worry new arrivals or members that missed last week, because we will have a greeter there to direct you to the room and the players. The room was just fine for chess, but just a little harder to find.
On a sad note, one of our strongest chess playing members – Scott M – is moving to Arizona! The club will miss him as a player, a competitor and a friend. Good luck Scott in all your endeavors and don’t forget about us back in Michigan. We will be here if and when you return from the state with one season – summer – for the state with two seasons – winter and road repair.
There is a Bottom Half class tournament in Grand Rapids scheduled for the week of June 22 and 23rd. See details on the right side of the blog. Some LCCC’ers are thinking of making the trip. Think about joining us there.
See you next week at LCCC!

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