Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Twenty-One Players on a Cool Monday Night

It was a nice turnout as maybe the one week layoff kind of re-kindled desire for live chess action. Lots of casual chess was played and a fun time was had by all.

Luigi M, his wife and four sons brought pizza for the entire club! What a nice gesture! Thank you!

Mike S. returned to the LCCC action after a long absence. Great to see you back and we hope you get here a little more regular.

Terry G. gave some chess instruction to our younger players – between bouts of pizza munching and pop of course. Thanks Terry.

Club News:
LCCC now has a non-mandatory club membership fee and we are up to 15 paid members, with a few more soon to join.

LCCC has another 25 “associate members” that are regular and semi-regular attendees.

LCCC also has over 50 inactive members and quite a few on-line members from other states.

Summer time is usually a slower chess time, but the Club President would like to propose a membership push in August. This would be good timing as it is:
  • Before school starts – so we can contact schools and let them know we are here.
  • Before the LCCC League starts – so we can offer league play to new members
  • Before The Michigan Open – in Livonia! - starts – and we can promote team camaraderie and help for new tournament players. And a few weeks at LCCC to prepare with lessons and tourney training.
  • Before indoor winter activities begin at churches and other clubs and we can contact them as an option for their members – either as new members here or as a Team Chess Challenge.
  • The time when festivals and fairs are happening and we can look to be a presence at a couple of them.
Let the discussions and planning begin! I think fifty weekly attendees on occasion is possible. We average 18 now. Doubling that average is the goal!

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  1. Monday was my birthday, and so I had other plans... too bad I missed it!! :-(

    I certainly agree that LCC should have a membership drive and a presence at the up-coming major tournaments. We really need more players above 2000 USCF to share with the instruction and to anchor some competitive teams. LCC needs to implement the plans that were discussed regarding regular events; right now, our calendar is empty and nobody is committed to organizing and managing events. A lot was said in meetings and by email, but the proof is in the "doing", not "discussing". Assign tasks and start implementing. Summer will be slow, so aim for fall before you expect results.