Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Twenty-Two Players at LCCC on Pre-election Monday

Next week is the annual meeting of club officers. But don't worry, as plenty of chess will be played, as well as discussed.

We had a nice crowd and alot of mixing of players paired up for some casual games.

Jason M went over several games with all who chose to listen. He gave us all great insight as to how to analyze positions and pawn structures. Well done, Jason!

The Ladder tournament lost two more rungs, due to inactivity. It's really a shame too. But as Sparky Anderson so Yogi Berra-ly said, "If they don't want to go......nobody's gonna stop em'!"

As the Ladder Leader, I have to say that I have heard the expression "It's lonely at the top." But this is ridiculous!

The Ladder looks like the curb holding Walmart shopping carts inside their corral. In other words - it's not very high! The Ladder rung standings are posted on the right side of the blog!

Anyway, some LCCC's will be playing in this weekend's Great Lakes Chess Open in Battle Creek - either in the beginners tournament on Saturday or the main event Fri - Sun or Sat - Sun, at the McCamly Plaza Hotel. Stop by if you get a chance.

Reports will be posted at the end of day's play at some point. Be looking for that!

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