Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fifteen Players at LCCC on NCAA Championship Night – and Let’s Fix the Ladder!

Not a bad crowd when you consider we were up against a college basketball championship that had the University of Michigan in the final game! Michigan didn’t quite get there, but congratulations to them on their fine season.

Back to chess.

Casual games were played and our Expert/Master Jason M went over some very entertaining games for us. He first went thru them with the adults and then some of our younger members. All of us enjoyed the education and kibitzing opportunity.

It’s that time of year, so the Club By-Laws Committee and Nomination Committee were hard at work for part of the evening. Elections will probably be held either the 22nd or the 29th of April because….

Next week is the last round of our inaugural League Night and so be sure to be here for that. Terry M did a fine job as TD, and we are all looking forward to next fall’s League.

Meanwhile, back at the weekly Ladder Tournament, we are losing rungs! If you are inactive in the Ladder Tourney for six consecutive (non-league) nights, you drop off the Ladder. Well, our Ladder used to be long, but now it is starting to look like a step-stool. Your Vice-President is not a happy camper.

When I found this Ladder concept and adopted it from other clubs, it seemed like the perfect venue to have in a club. If used by club members, eventually everyone will end up pretty much in their order of strength within the club.
I know – that is probably the drawback of the Ladder.

Some players do not want their true strength as a player made so public. [Public? It’s a little county chess club for crying out loud! But I digress.] But everyone in the club pretty much knows everyone's level anyway, don't you think?

Members should look at the benefits of the Ladder to the Club and stop worrying about their own egos.

First off, it promotes play by all members with all other members because everyone starts the Ladder on the bottom. You can still play with your best buds, but at least other members get a chance to interact with each other on occasion.

Second, players will always find games close to their own level of skill. This is where the game is the most fun! How can you not want that??

Third, seeding for our League would be much easier should new players enter or substitute in the League. It helps Terry out tremendously.

Fourth, any new players joining the Club starts at the bottom also. I know of one instance where a new player showed up at the club and sat down and played games with probably the two best players in our club – and got crushed every game! He has not returned.
I know this is the fault of the ego of the new member, but still, any new member of any environment needs a little easier welcome than that.

Fifth, our trainers, Terry G and Jason M can target training sessions to specific members based on their Ladder location.

I strongly feel that the benefits of the Club's Ladder tournament are just too numerous to be ignored.
Ok, I’ve ran my last commercial  for the Ladder Tournament. I say, be there or be square.

Last bit of news – Jason M has graciously offered to post a “Chess Game of the Week” on this blog! This is what I want the series to be called as it will draw hits from engine searches. This blog is already read world-wide, and this additional posting will increase readership tremendously.

Look for this exciting posting soon!

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