Thursday, May 2, 2013

LCCC Annual Club Meeting - Results

Thirteen players were on hand for the Annual Meeting.
Some chess was played and lots of teaching went on – as usual – as Terry G worked with our young students and Jason M reviewed games played by members in the Great Lakes Open tournament. Thanks to both of you for your efforts.
The best way to learn is to go over your games. It especially is helpful if you can do it with someone of equal or better experience than yourself. Once the pressure of actually being in a tournament game is behind you, errors and opportunities in the game just seem to jump out at you – or the person you are reviewing the game with. Reviewing your games played is one of the best learning tools!
On to the results of the Annual Club Meeting:
Meeting Minutes from the 2013 LCCC Annual Election / Board / Member Meeting
1.       The by-laws proposed were almost unanimously passed, with some minor modifications that are mentioned below.
2.       Election results were published: President – Mike N., VP – Ken L., Treasurer – Vince V., Secretary – Don J., Member-at-Large – Mike K.
3.       Club expenses deemed necessary were voted on and approved. They were: $60 for the website, $40 for the USCF affiliation dues, $100 for chess supplies for the club and an Advertizing/Marketing budget to be determined in committee later.
4.       Current Club Funds were duly noted into the record. So far, donations equaled $110. $40 was used to pay for the 2013 USCF affiliation, which leaves a balance of $70. This money was turned over to the VP - Ken L., to hold until Treasurer - Vince V. returns from his work – forced absence.
5.       Full Club Member dues were voted on and approved as $20 per year. Full members have voting rights for all proposals and elections concerning the Club.
6.       It was also voted on and approved that a change to the by-laws would state that someone who pays Associate Member dues of $2 per meeting for 20 weeks, becomes a Full Member.
7.       Nightly fees were voted on and approved as follows: 1st visit Free. Full Member pays $1 donation per weekly visit to the Facility. Associate Members are requested to pay $2 per visit; $1 to the Club and $1 donation for the Facility. Non-members are requested to donate a $1 for the Facility.
8.       It was established that the Club’s Annual year is May 1 to April 30.
9.       It was also voted on and established in the by-laws that any player with a rating above 2000 is a Full Member and the dues are waived.
The by-laws and items proposed above are still a work in progress. I want to re-iterate that all club fees are still VOLUNTARY at this time. And there is no pressure at all to feel you have to contribute.
Everyone is still welcome to show up, play chess and get instruction at LCCC!

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