Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Another Big Turnout at the LCCC!

The final night of our inaugural league night had a great turnout. Statistics show that the league nights gave us better attendance than non-league nights. More on that later.
We got to welcome two new members to the club this evening; Luke H. and Scott R. Welcome gentlemen!
This brings our club to 39 active members and 50 inactive members. Ten weeks of no shows gets you on the inactive list. It seems every time we add new members, some others are moved to the “inactive” list. We are stuck at around 40 active members all the time. It’s amazing to me.
Of the inactive members, a dozen or so players we truly expect to walk back thru that door any week now.  People get busy, school and job commitments all can interrupt any plans for a chess night. So our real club membership stands at around 50 true-blue LCCC’ers. That is a nice club size, but doubling that is a nice goal to have! That would truly make us a force in Michigan Chess!
Remember, there is LCCC on line at Chess .com, and if you cannot make it to us on Monday nights, at least join us on line for correspondence games! It is lots of fun there and a great way to stay in touch with club members when you cannot make Mondays. Simply join Chess .com – for free or pick a dues rate – and then send your screen name to the LCCC email and you will receive an invitation to join LCCC on – line.
Back to the league: Terry G. will publish the final standings and our League Champs will be listed on the side of this blog for a year! Congrats to the winning team!
Your humble writer and VP - proposes to Terry G for next year;
·         Strictly enforced forfeit and make-up game rules. Season two has to be more structured.
·         If you forfeited twice or more this season, you are only eligible to sub next season,
·         a Game/60 time limit,
·         a slightly longer league season with a double round robin format a three-week interval when possible. Since the League increases attendance and gives most members practice playing a little more serious chess games, let’s add rounds.

But now that the League is over, for any serious or semi-serious tournament chess game practice, attention should be given to the Ladder! If you are not currently on the Ladder, sign at the bottom and challenge any of the four above you. It is that simple. If you are currently on the ladder, start making challenges – and if you get challenged, play some games! Ladder Tournament rules are available - on ONE sheet of paper – every single week. It is an easy way to improve your chess and mingle with all the club members.
And a special thanks and congratulations to our Ladder Iron Man, Elliot K. He may have more Ladder Tournament games played than the rest of the club combined!

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