Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Twenty-Two Players Enjoyed Chess Action This Monday

Back to over average attendance, which was great to see!

We welcomed a new member to the club; Matt R. He is the dad of Ben and Zach who joined last week. Welcome Matt.

We had some Ladder Tournament action as Mike N held on to the top spot.

Some casual games were played also, including this interesting conversation I over-heard: "It was a strange position. For some reason I thought I was a piece up, but I was a piece down." And his opponent said, "I thought we were even, but I was a piece up!" Uh.......I hope you guys decided on a draw.

But the real action this night was training and practice. Terry G and Jason M provided lessons for about two hours at two separate tables!

When you come to LCCC, you can play friendly games, get lessons, join a never ending tournament (the Ladder) or sign up for monthly league actions, or simply chat over a chess board.

Stop on by! All are welcome.

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