Sunday, March 17, 2013

League Night This Monday

Here are the match ups:
4th Place Team 2 (18 points) vs 4th Place Team 3 (14 points)
Aaron J (black) vs Scott M (white)
Mike K (white) vs Jim G (black)
Luigi L (black) vs Americo M (white)

1st Place Team 4 (23 points)  vs 3rd Place Team 5 (19 points)
Ken T (black) vs - Mike N (white)
Terry G (white) vs  Trent D (black)
Marcello M (black) vs Dale K (white)

6th place Team 6 (14 points) vs 2nd place Team 1 (20 points)
Don J (white) vs Matt T (black)
Ken L (black) vs Tom H (white)
Elliot K (white) vs Scott A (black)

All League Players are exempt from the Ladder Tourney this week.
But there are quite a few players in danger of dropping off the Ladder.
Please play a Ladder game, or make a challenge or get challenged - to stay on the Ladder. 

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