Saturday, March 30, 2013

LCCC is Alive On Line… Chess. Com

Now it is your join LCCC on Chess .com!
Yes, it has finally happened. After months of pain-staking negotiations, close door meetings in cigar smoke filled rooms, and a bidding war between all the on-line chess sites, Chess . com won the rights to host LCCC on line!

The bidding for the next Olympics or Super Bowl sites was not this intense!

All you have to do is make an account on Chess .com. You can join for free! Be sure to pick a fun screen name, and send an email to the club hotmail or yahoo account to let us know.

I would suggest that Chess .com is well worth the Gold membership ($5 a month, $29 a year), but it is not necessary to join the LCCC on the site.

Once you have joined, click on the “Share” tab on the site and then the “Groups and Teams” link.

Type in “Livingston County Chess Club” and of course the country is the United States, and hit enter.

Post a note stating you wish to join, and you will be added.

If we know you are already a member of Chess. com, and have your handle, we probably have sent you a request to join. But if we missed you, forgive us, because as I told you the negotiations with all the other on-line chess sites was exhausting!

Not to mention the comforting and setting up support groups for all the sites that we did not choose. They were devastated!

Emails will be coming out shortly to all members whose emails we have. In addition, phone calls will be made to all whose phone numbers we have. You think telemarketers are bad, wait til LCCC burns up the phone lines.

We are hoping this addition to our chess club will not only increase our membership, but it will allow members to stay connected even if they can’t make Monday nights very often. Not to mention all the great chess we will still be able to play with our LCCC friends.



  1. Who's idea was it to pick The Internet Chess Club (ICC) has by far the best content and player services of any internet chess offering. The live coverage of the recently concluded Candidates Tournament was worth the nominal membership fee alone. There are millions of master games in the archives all organized by ECO code, there are tons of instructional videos and lectures, and the number of highly-rated titled players as members reads like a whos-who list of GMs and IMs.

    IMHO is a distant 2nd option to ICC. I suggest that folks who are serious about improving their games should try it out.

  2. Chess dot com was picked by the VP and a few others based on(in order of importance to me but not necessarily by the others):
    1. Most current members of the LCCC already there (important for getting started - we can always move if the Club decides later)
    2. Most current members of the chess community (a bigger audience and pool of players)
    3. Able to play for free if you don't want to or can't buy and upgraded account (very important for some LCCC members)
    4. Chess tactics trainer available
    5. Chess openings trainer available

    ICC was ommitted because;
    1. Only a 30 day trial membership
    2. Only 30,000 members (current Wikipiedia numbers from 2013 article) to nearly 7 million on Chess dot com (because of the ability to play for free).

    I personally will sign up for the free 30 day trial at ICC to give it a try, and write an article for the blog about the experience.

    Chess dot com vs ICC - from a wood pusher's perspective!

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  3. 2. Most current members of the chess community
    (a bigger audience and pool of players)

    You want to go for quality over quantity in all cases here.
    Having a bigger pool of fish isn't going to make you or anyone else a
    stronger player. ;-)

    3. Able to play for free if you don't want to or can't buy and
    upgraded account (very important for some LCCC members)

    You get what you pay for, and I suspect that, like most
    things that start out "free", won't be free for long.

    4. Chess tactics trainer available

    OK, but ICC also has:
    * TrainingBot, which quizes you on real tactics taken from real ICC
    games. It kibitzes the goal, the author, and the difficulty level. If you
    don't get the solution, it gives hints.
    * ProblemBot, which " similar to TrainingBot except that it is for
    chess compositions. It has fairly practical positions often adapted from real
    games and most of its puzzles are unusual-looking positions with surprising,
    subtle and often quite beautiful answers."
    * Attack! A regular weekly feature with GM Larry Christiansen on tactics and
    attacking chess.

    5. Chess openings trainer available

    Try the the opening survey series by ICC GM Ronen Har-Zvi
    ( and the How to Win
    series by GM Boris Alterman. Ronen's series is a treasure trove of practical
    knowledge about all kinds of openings. GM Alterman discusses the various
    strategic themes and concepts needed to play middlegames. There are many other
    GM training videos ... too many to list here. All sorts of materials for
    beginner, intermediate, and advanced players.

    Maybe I'm biased, but for my money, ICC has a tremendous amount of features.
    It is the only chess server/service I'm aware of that actually does live
    coverage of major chess events with GM commentary. I can save all my games
    that I play and download them to my computer at home.

    I'm eager to see your report. One more thing: when you do decide to start the
    trial, use the older Blitzin interface, not the newer Dasher. Dasher is
    utterly horrible -- worse than putting background images on webpages.
    Why ICC promotes this junk as a replacement for Blitzin, I have no clue.