Tuesday, March 12, 2013

LCCC Has Fourteen Players on a Rainy Monday

A spring like night brought out 14 players to the LCCC.
Casual games were played and a whole lot of studying was done also. 
Jason M helped some players go over a few different games.
Terry G and Mike N reviewed some of the games played by Luigi, Americo, Marcello and Luca as the four brothers played in a scholastic tournament in Lansing over the weekend. 
This is the best way to improve your chess! Going over games you played, especially the losses, with a more experienced player. They will point out the errors and the deficiencies in your game (and your thinking) and you will learn a lot quicker that way.
We at LCCC are committed to improving the chess skills of all that are at the club. 
By chess ratings the Under 1000’s are getting help from the 1200 to 1500’s.
The  1200’s to 1800’s are getting help from our 2000 player.
And the 2000 is getting challenged by the 1500 to 1800’s, who are now armed with more knowledge in their game.
If you play chess – at any level  or any amount – LCCC is the place to be.

A reminder – League Night is next week. 
A League post will come out later in the week.

Those with December activity dates in the Ladder Tournament need to “challenge, be challenged and/or play within the next two weeks or you will be dropped from the Ladder!

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