Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This Monday May Have Been the Start of Chess Season!

Eighteen players showed up to enjoy a great Monday night of chess action and discussion!
The Ladder Tournament saw;

Scott M. hangs on to the top spot (get used to this sentence),
Mike N. move to the #2 spot,
Don J. used Ladderology – and a win – to move to the #4 spot, and
Mike S. move up to the #9 spot.

Even more exciting is that Trent D. joined the Ladder and FIVE new challenges were made!

It sets up a very exciting situation as next week’s feature Ladder Game will be the battle of #1 vs #2 – Scott M vs Mike N.

I have a feeling that no matter what the outcome of the game, Mike N.’s (me) Ladder dance card will be full for some time to come!

Terry G. gathered opinions on the strength of the players in the club to establish club ratings in order to seed our internal Club Team Tournament. A quick vote decided that we will have 5 three-person teams, rather than 8 two-person teams.

Now that will mean a bye week for a team, but it also opens a spot for a “new” team if players become available. Of course Ladder games can fill in player’s bye weeks with more meaningful games.

We welcomed back Jason M, who has been away on business. He has graciously offered to give chess lessons to the Club on Chess Tactics next week. Free chess lessons from a 2000+ rated player? What an outstanding opportunity! Thanks Jason!

In other news, the Michigan Open is set for Labor Day weekend in Troy, MI. Several LCCC’ers are thinking of playing in the tournament. You can play a 4, 3 or 2 day schedule, so please consider entering.

Even if you don’t enter the tournament, stop by if you get a chance. A chess tournament is a fascinating thing to see. In addition to the games, there will be a vendor or two selling chess supplies and books. Do a little shopping.

Plus there will be people milling about in the Skittles Room looking for a challenger for a friendly game.

There is the Canton Quads this weekend and some of us LCCC’ers may be going there as a warm up to the big event Labor Day.

Get all the information on all the tournament action at the Michigan Tournament link on the right side of the Blog.

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  1. Jason worked tactics problems with a few of us during the last hour on Monday night. It was a great time, as he spent a lot of time explaining the thought process behind disecting a tactic into the key components.

    Very enlightening.

    Thanks, Jason!