Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This Monday Had a Little of Everything

Thirteen players showed for some chess action and a meeting to discuss Terry G.’s idea of starting a 3-player Team League type venue (think the old Metro League) at LCCC. It was well received and most think it would be a great way to increase our number of players, increase player attendance and spark some new friendships as teammates for a season (September to Spring or so, depending on the number of teams).

Players are to get their responses to Terry G. with either a;

Yes – I’m IN!!!!
No – I’m out for the league, but still LOVE the LCCC.
Maybe – I might play, but I want to learn more.

Send Terry, Mike K, Mike N or Ken L an e-mail, or send an email to either club email address, or post it on this blog. Just let us know. We need at least 12 players, and 18 or more would really be special.

On to the action:

In the ladder play;
Mike N and Elliot K. hung on to their ladder rungs with victories.
Ken L. moved up with his win.

On a personal play note, your blogmaster had a very entertaining Fischer – Random game with Vince V, which ended in a draw! It was nice to break out of the standard chess piece set up and get you thinking way before the opening move. If you have never tried Fischer – Random Chess, give it a go. It’s fun.

Next Meeting Information:
The next Club Meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 6:30pm at the Hartland Senior Center. Hopefully Terry G. or Mike K. can secure a room for our meeting.

The topics will be;
1. By-laws and officer posts
2. the election of officers,
3. and hopefully the review of the data collected about interest in a LCCC chess league.

Now in this writer’s opinion, it sounds like a full agenda, but I don’t think it will really take that long to get a foundation agreed to. We just need to get started, and I think we can do it in a couple hours at the most.

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  1. The meeting that was tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 22 will be held on a Monday.