Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The LCCC Blog is Yours and Useful – Use It!

Just a reminder LCCC’ers, this blog is yours – just as much as it is the Blogmaster’s.

As a member of the club, you have access to post your chess related (and even unrelated to chess in some instances) stuff to this blog for everyone in the club to benefit from.

Blogs are like mini websites. They are free, easy to use, update automatically, so that you can share your thoughts and ideas with others by simply making a comment. Or you can send what you want to post to the club email and it will get posted to the blog as soon as possible.
Blogs are online journals that allow other people to read your thoughts and reply to them.

Because blogs are not private, they are not a place to put personal grievances or private thoughts - but a place to talk about ideas you want to share with the rest of the world about the chess club. Some examples:
  • Tell people about your experience in a chess tournament or just a chess game.

  • Share some your ideas about a chess topic.

  • Talk about chess and share some tips

  • Provide links to other interesting chess sites on the Internet not currently listed on this blog.

  • Promote and sell something to your club members

  • Write stories or poems…or chess jokes.

For instance, this upcoming weekend a few LCCC’ers will be playing in the Michigan Open. These members will be able to post their thoughts and experiences at the Open here on the blog, so the rest of the club members that could not make it there, can share in the experience.

We have a fine website also. That is our foundation…..our on-line stadium for the world to notice and enter.

The blog is the field where the members perform in front of everyone. The blog is the on-going game for all the LCCC fans to enjoy. And yes, we have fans that can’t play chess at the Club, but still read the blog and visit the website.

So get involved with the blog. It’s here for you too!


  1. How about authorizing active members to post new topics? This could generate new blogging interest more like a forum.

  2. Every member already authorized to post anything they wish on this blog. Simply e-mail it to the club email address and it will get posted.

    Of course if the topic sent in is how to "skin squirrels to make table napkins", it probably will be respectfully rejected as acceptable for this blog. But I am sure there is a blog out there that could use that article. Just not this one.

    But if it is chess, club or member interesting, it will get posted without editing.

  3. Presumably, by authorization you mean that the blog master should give out his passwords to active members. Does that mean that the webmaster of the LCCC website is willing to give out his password(s) to grant “authorization” others to tinker with the site and the work he’s put in on it? Change it willy nilly to suit themselves?