Thursday, October 27, 2016

Rapid Tourney Off to a Quick Start on 102416 - Casual Chess on Holloween Night

The first two rounds of our 15minutes / game tournament are in the books.

The standings and 3rd round pairings will be out shortly.

Hope you enjoyed the fine article written by Dr. Morris below. If you have not read it yet, check it out!

Meanwhile, here is an interesting "knight dance" for you to witness:

Black to move #22

Igor3000 gives White a tiny edge. But that is a computer thinking 20 moves deep at 2 million moves a second.

As an average chess player, I prefer Black's position due to the space advantage and piece pressure on the White King's side of the board.

And is Black's "bad" dark squared bishop really that much worse than White's knight on c4?

22. ......         b5!?

Not bad but not in the spirit of the positional advantage just mentioned. 22. .....h5 looks like it might be worth a shot to add pressure to White's king side.

23. Na5         Ba8?
Black starts playing too passively - which in turn allows White to get more aggressive. (+1.7 pawn advantage now for White according to Igor3000). Now a White Knight wins the game single handed!

24. Nxb5        Ne8?
Better was 24. .......Rd7 25. Rxd7, Nxd7 26. Qd1. (+2.7)

25. Nxa7        Nd6
26. Nc4          Qe7
27. Nxd6        .........
White missed 27. Rxd6 for a faster win.

27. .......         Rxd6
28. Nb5         .........
White could have relaxed after 28. Nc8......and yes this is 6 straight knight moves.

28. .......        Rxd1
29. Qxd1      Bc6
30. Qd6        Qb7
31. Qxc5      Bf8
32. Qc4        Qa6
33. a4           Kg7
34. Qd4+     Kg8
35. b3          Bg7
36. Qd8+      Bf8
37. Nd4       Black resigns

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