Thursday, October 6, 2016

Open Chess on Monday 100316 - Open Chess Next Week - Then Quick Tourney

Barbara Stanwick playing her director - Gary Cooper watches.
We had six players tonight and some casual and speed chess was played. Also some group reviews of a couple of chess positions.....all in the name of learning.

We will have a Quick tournament start on October 17, two rounds a night! Be sure to join this fun event.

Now a game from our Luigi Milani in his last tournament.

A.R. (774) vs Luigi Milani (889)

1. d4       d5
2. c4       e6
3. cxd5    exd5
4. Nc3      Nf6
5. Bf4       Bd6
6. Bxd6      Qxd6
7. Nf3       O-O
8. c3        Bg4
9. h3       Bh5
10. g4!?      Bg6
11. Bd3!?   ........
This g-pawn lunge is not completely wrong, as top level chess sees this move all the time. But it must be followed up correctly or else it is very weakening. The pros know what rules to break and when to break them. And 11. Ne5 may have been stronger. One typical idea is 11. Ne5, Nbd7 12. Nxg6, hxg6 13. Bg2 and White can still consider castling on the king-side as the bishop on g2 lends some cover to the King. [Igor3000 says 11. Qb3 was good for White also.]

11. .......        Bxd3
12. Qxd3      Re8
13. O-O-O      Ne4!

Castling on the king-side was no longer an option for White after the exchange of the light-squared bishops.
Black now has a very annoying knight posted, threatening a fork on f2, and White cannot take the intruder because a pawn fork would result instead. [Igor3000 has Black winning (-.4) of a pawn.]

14. Qc2      Nc6
15. Nb5?!    Qd7
In chess, you really want to avoid making one move threats that do not improve your position. Black is going to move his queen back and then what is the knight on b5 doing? Not much.
Already White has to worry about a discovered attack on that knight.
Except, he doesn't - Oops!

16. Ne5??      Nxe5
17. Nxc7       Rac8!
The White Queen and King are lined up on an open file. That always makes opposing rooks very happy! [(-5.7)]

18. Kb1       Rxc7
19. Qd3       Nxf2
Black was so happy to get the chance to fork all the major pieces that he missed the free Queen on d3!

20. Qf1        Nxh1
21. Qxf1      Nc4
22. Qe1       Rxe3
23. Qf2       Qb5
One of the main advantages of being up material (especially extra pieces) is that you can use the advantage to launch an attack on the enemy king. Black does just that.

24. Rc1       Na3+
25. Ka1      Rxc1++

A nice game by Luigi!

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