Monday, October 10, 2016

Quick Tournament in Two Weeks! - Nine Players on 101016

LCCC's John R. in some tournament action.
We had nine players for casual chess tonight - with the help of the free oatmeal cookies!

Open chess next week also.

Now about LCCC's next free  tournament action!

We will have a tournament starting that will feature 15 minute games with an optional 5 second delay.
We will play two rounds per night.

 So the tournament will run on October 24 and November 7 for four total rounds.
If by chance we have enough entries, we may have another round on November 14 to settle ties (i.e., multiple players 4 - 0).

This will be a fun event and plenty of chess action to make it worth your while to be here.

The Club opens at 6pm and we will try to get the tournament going no later than 6:45 pm.

That way the last round of the night can start by 7:30. Stop on by next Monday for practice and the following week to experience some friendly chess tournament action!

Now for a club game:

Scandinavian Defense
1. e4          c6
2. d4         d5
3. exd5      Qxd5
4. Nc3       Qa5
5. Bd2       Qc7
6. Qf3       Nf6
7. h3         e6
8. Bf4        Bd6
9. Bxd6      Qxd6
10. O-O-O        Nbd7
11. Bc4        Nb6
12. Bb3        a6
After Black's move  12. ......    a6

This last move by Black secures b5. Igor3000 has White's advantage margin grow from the (+.3) of a pawn.had before the game started, to (+.4) now.

13. Nge2       Nbd5
14.  Bxd5      cxd5
15. Qg3        Qxg3
White chooses the wrong plan. 15. g4 or Nf4 kept a slight advantage for White. Instead (EVEN).

16. Nxg3       b5
17. b3          Bd7
18. Rhe1       O-O
19. Kd2?        Rfc8
White heads in the wrong direction and out into the open. 19. Kb2 or a3 were better. Black takes a small lead (-.3 of a pawn).

20. Re3         Rc7
21. Rc1         Rac8
22. Nce2       h5!
23. f3!          a5?!
White stops any intrusion on e4. Black is indecisive as to if he is attacking on the King-side or the Queen-side. 23. .....h4 was consistent. Now the game is back to (EVEN).

24. c3?           h4!
Whites' move was much too passive. 24. h4 or Rc3 was required for equality. Now (-.5). Black threatens to win material, while gaining space.

25. Nf1         b4
26. Nh2?       Bb5
White is playing too passively. 26. Re5 is an interesting possibility. Now Black is up a full pawn (-1).

27. Nf4?         g5
Black is allowed to improve his position without having to use any moves of his own. Black keeps being allowed to hassle Whites' pieces to get them on better squares for free. (-2.2)

28. Nxe6?       fxe6
29. Ng4?          Nxg4
'If losing on the wing, attack in the center' is the old adage. White ignores that advice and insists on trading into a losing endgame.

30. fxg4         Rxc3
31. Rcxc3        Rxc3
32. Rxc3        bxc3
33. Kxc3         Bf1
White Resigns

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